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Business Interpreter/Guide in Guangzhou and shenzhen

About Us

Ai Mei has over Five years of experience providing professional interpreters,translators and Tour guides in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We have professionals in different field to help you reaching your goals in Canton and Shenzhen. No matter you come to visiting factories, searching for products, getting something made, purchasing goods, exploring the wholesale market, or simply enjoying your holiday .Our expert will make sure you have excellent experience here.

Your Full-Service Agency in Canton and Shenzhen
we providing professional language services and more.We are focus on serving the customer not only when they in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, but also before they come to Canton and Shenzhen and after they back home. Our local knowledge and presence in canton/Shenzhen means,you can do the complex, difficult and risky international business in a Easy ,simple and safety way. As your eyes and voices in Guangzhou and Shenzhen your business here going to be Efficient and Executable without your Personal implementation. We are your guided missile here,ready to fulfill your will precisely,effectively,rapidly and economically.

Before your come to China
We will find suppliers, verify suppliers you provided, arranging meetings, booking hotels, make your whole trip much more efficient.

When you in China
We help you finding products, negotiating about price , providing solutions of problems, consulting of the condition and terms, making impossible executable, get your business accomplished. Arranging transportation and food fit for your need, providing cell phone, making your trip in China nice and easy. Recommend potential business to the customer, according to the advantages you have in your country.  

After you back home
Managing your project and inspect the products before shipping. Arranging logistics for shipping by sea or by air. Monitoring production process, solving problems, executing customer`s decision, assisting communication between customer and the supplier, making sure the products get shipped out on time.